Weight lifting Gloves. Art # AP-1519

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Workout in the gym and reduce the strain on your wrists while you exercise
by getting these Gym Gloves.
The ergonomic padding offers great comfort along with a perfect fit.Exercising
for long hours tend to make your hands sweat but these suede gloves offer ventilation and are odor-free.
Made from a stretchable leather, these gloves enable you to easily lift weights
with a strong grip.Experience optimum comfort and protect your hands during your training sessions.

Weight lifting gloves

• High-quality classical Weight Lifting Gloves
• Perfect for Maximum Impact Protection and Better Grip
• Stretch “Ventilator Mesh” Allows Hand and Fingers to Bend Naturally
• Integrated 2 inch elastic Wrist support for adjustable Carpal Joint Protection
• Ideal Gloves for Weight Lifting and Fitness Training